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How to Create New Web Application Projects

You can develop a Web application projects for ASP.NET using Visual Web Developer Express or Visual Studio. The Web application project type acts as an alternative to the Web based project. It offers a great model that makes a single assembly for the total project.

You can follow some instruction to create a new Web application project….

1) In Visual Web Developer Express & Visual Studio, in the File menu, click New Project (don’t click New Web Site).

2) In the New Project dialog box, if your desired version of the .NET Framework is not selected, select the version that you want to use.

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What are Embroidery Graphics?

Everywhere you can notice today that people are exercising embroidery graphics design to attain a more complicated image for their business apparel. Graphics focus in assisting you improves striking embroidered attire. There are many companies for embroidery graphics design. Their status of the art tools top mark digitizing experts build quality the first precedence.


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