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How to Create New Web Application Projects

You can develop a Web application projects for ASP.NET using Visual Web Developer Express or Visual Studio. The Web application project type acts as an alternative to the Web based project. It offers a great model that makes a single assembly for the total project.

You can follow some instruction to create a new Web application project….

1) In Visual Web Developer Express & Visual Studio, in the File menu, click New Project (don’t click New Web Site).

2) In the New Project dialog box, if your desired version of the .NET Framework is not selected, select the version that you want to use.

3) In the New Project dialog box, you must expand Visual C# or Visual Basic under the Installed Templates as well as just click Web to display available Web templates then.

4) After that you just select the ASP.NET Web Application template.

5) Enter the name of your new application In the Name box.

6) Enter the name of the folder in the Location box, in which folder you are desperate to store the pages of the Web application. Otherwise, you can click Browse to select your desired location.

7) Select add to solution in the Solution box if you have a solution open and you wish for adding the new project to the open solution.

8) Enter a name in the Solution Name box, if you are creating a new solution.

9) After completing all the processes, just Click OK.

Visual Web Developer Express or Visual Studio makes the Web application project in the specified location.

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