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Information about Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing machine is a drawing structure. Digitizing of embroidery is the procedure of converting picture or image into digital case. By digitizing software, an expert embroidery digitizer converts a text or an image to stitches. Generating the picture in a folder layout the embroidery machine will be able to understand. It can be drawn on with an embroidery machines which is computerized. Embroidery digitizing will be formed in different designs depending on which layouts embroidery machine can understand. Embroidery digitizing machine can embroider the digitized drawing onto ready fabric nearly the similar as the artwork.


Digitizer is the expert who makes path for embroidery machine to chase. He can plan how all part will be sprint and which branch should be run first. Every digitizer will have dissimilar customs to digitize the designs. Skilled embroidery digitizers psychologically dissect all pictures, infringement it out into sectors and layers, remaindering how every part share to the others, how are the colors combine and combine and how the shade participate with the light to make the atmosphere or mood or the picture suggests.

Accessible Digitized Format

Mostly available formats are DSZ, DSB, DST, EXP, PES, EMB and other formats wanted.

Artwork Layout Converting into Embroidery Digitizing

Every design of images, such as CDR, JPG, AI, BMP, EPS, and GIF is welcome.

For vector artwork, like AI, CDR and we suggest that you change the picture to JPG at the resolution of 300 dpi to make sure that fonts use in the artwork is observed. If fonts applied in the artwork are not changed, you may observe those fonts unlikely and digitize the design wrongly.

Digitizing a figure for embroidery needs an artist's capability to see the big image and the smallest of particulars. After that the digitizer use the software's tackles to divide those parts for resizing or redrawing stitching in moderately and cover threads, transferring stitching orders, applying thread to affect colorizing and shading. The design, which is repaired to make that unique idea, in so far as is probable, in strand and it is prepared for its opening sews out.

However digitizing a picture to thread is frequently not possible or practicable. Thread is 3D; it’s not digital pixels and oil paint. An embroidery machine digitizer should have an performer creativeness and problems resolving ability. An embroidery digitizer's picture is the computer keyboard, mouse and the monitor are the brushes and the pallet of embroidery digitizer is the embroidery software.

A certified embroidery digitizer's approach is: "Nothing is impossible!” And that is what creates machine embroidery digitizing so sew much fun!

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