Your company wishes for converting large amount of data into digital formats? If you are searching a reliable document digitizing company at an affordable cost, you have come to the exact place you are looking for. Anuborton's professional & expert document digitization services can professionally meet your requirements and offer the highest range of security of clients’ valuable data.

Data digitization is an effective procedure of converting manual or hard copy data into digital or soft copy formats. In this procedure of document digitization, every kind of document like images, texts, video, periodicals or business cards are digitized as well as converted into digital or soft copy formats such as html, text, pdf, xml, doc, gif, xls, jpeg or tiff. Most important involvement of document digitization is a perpetual preservation of your essential documents. Another advantage is that digitized documents can also be stored on any media format such as Zip disks, CDs, DVDs, BDs or tapes etc.

The Data Digitization procedure at our company

• Identification of customer needs for data digitizing.

• Collecting of data from the customer and alignment of documents properly by removing all the foreign objects like pins, paper clips and threads etc.

• Scanning all aligned documents and saved as an image files.

• Digital transferring by hand writing or Optical character recognition (OCR)

• Indexing all data with detailed file names which are termed as indexing the documents.

• Organizing data in separate or combined PDF files

• Packaging Data into Zip disks, CDs, DVDs, BDs or tapes etc according to customer requirements

• Delivering Data within estimated time meeting all requirements of the clients.

• Inputting all data into website or any other online or offline places according to customer instructions

The Advantages of Data Digitization

• Perpetual preservation of all your vulnerable physical documents

• Quick and easy retrieval

• Makes data compatible with all modes of digital data transfer

• Easy storing advantages

• Easy transportation

• Effortless duplication of data

• Easy access

• Easy to share

• Secure for the future.

Document digitization or scanning services whatever is your choice, you can consider Anuborton for perfect, professional and cost-effective services.


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