Brand identity development is Anuborton’s area of expertise. Our “BrandProtech” (brand reinvention method) assists companies of any size strictly realize their brand development (where it is and where it requires to be) as well as influence it to its fullest advantage. After moving on the “BrandProtech” method, your new brand identity development approach will positively influence your company’s bottom line and it’s guaranteed. We also guarantee a strong revolution of the way you carry out business. It sounds scary, but we guarantee, you’ll be thrilled! After our proprietary measures as well as methodologies collect a complete picture of the condition of your brand development, you will be surprised how you ever survived doing things in a different way.

Our BrandProtech brand identity development process through three primary phases:

Research and Project Analysis

In this phase, we’ll discover the critical elements of the clients’ brand.

• Working closely with your team, we clarify what the brand is about and how it should evolve.

• We confirm all sub-brands and affiliates that will factor into the brand identity.

• We collect information about the company, its competition, audiences and market environment.

• We review any research you’ve conducted.

• We interview key stakeholders to learn about brand perceptions, challenges and goals.

After analyzing all critical matters, we increase a Planned Create Brief in which we recommend process for achieving your requirements. In the brief we make clear the project and its goals discover the customer’s brand differentiators and attributes, suggest positioning and outline our overall brand identity communication and strategy recommendations.

We will also observe the target audiences as well as determine their motivators. Compromise on its content is significant because the Strategic Innovative Brief becomes our assignment map and the target against which we will measure the success of our inventive solutions.

Visual Identity Development Process:

As we grow the customers’ identity, we apply the information we collect in our research phase to build informed design assessments. We will design the mechanism of the brand’s visual identity, including a typographic guidelines, logotype or logo, recommended image styles, color palettes etc.

In this important phase, we will develop the clients’ messages as well as editorial voice. The editorial voice is an influential element of the brand identity. The brand identity is the visual representation of the company as well as is usually referred to as the company logo.

Brand Implementation and Production:

We naturally manage as well as coordinate print production for our clients. We are able to recommend production methods, recommend vendors and review printer proofs. We also offer local on-site press approvals.


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