Article Analysis

The first section of our article analysis is information about the article. In particular, it is important to include title of the article, its authors and source (publishing data). The next step is the examination of the article as a whole. In particular, we mention the purpose of the article, its intended audience, subject and sources of information. Furthermore, we move on to primary details such as thesis (or research question), evidence (primary vs. secondary), limits (limitations of the data/study), and point of view (does the author express his point of view?).

The most important section of article analysis is evaluation of the presentation and argumentation. In this section you need to pay attention to concepts and words, use of evidence, reached conclusions, and implications of the findings/statements. In addition, your article analysis should include your personal reaction, evaluation of the strength of the case, is the article good, what is the quality of the article, etc.

Article Writing & Editing

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We Provide Editing Help With…

• Grammar: We check your writing for grammar mistakes such as tense, prepositions, articles, and sentence structure

• Spelling: We check your essay for spelling mistakes such as wording, phrasing, abbreviations, and mistyped words

• Punctuation: We check your paper for punctuation errors such as misplaced comas, periods, and intonation perversion

• Style: We edit your writing for pejorative language, tone, and other style mistakes

• Structure: We edit your essay for omitted words, paragraphing, organization, flow of ideas, APA/MLA formatting

Article Submission

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Content developing and marketing team

Our different team of professional and experienced content writers has the ability to write SEO friendly, unique quality content on any topic imaginable. Whether it's a academic writing for your institution or blog, content or articles for your existing pages, Anuborton content writing and marketing team is a one stop shop. With 6 in house quality checker and editors who manage more than 100 writers all over the world virtually and officially. We have a exclusive talent for matching the right content to the right writer.

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