If you wish to protect your existing functionality but also advantage from latest features,

If you are worried about the implications of replacing a part of your analysis system,

If you are managing outdated software that requires to be rewritten,

Then, we can assist you to handle this difficult task with our Software Migration Service.

Anuborton has a Software Migration Service that allows you to promote your existing system without lost a beat. Whether you need assist just replacing one part of equipment with another or migrating software code, our measurement and test experts are able to help you execute your new products while reducing your valuable downtime. Our experts can modify your existing software code to integrate any new equipment that you'll be applying. We install the fresh code and confirm that you're getting the similar results.

Why would we need to migrate?

There can be various reasons to migrate. Some of the reasons we found with our clients are:

Remarkable Cost Advantage

• Shifting to Open Source technology like Apache AXIS as an alternative of proprietary components.

• Shifting to a less expensive platform like Linux as an alternative of proprietary Unix

• Moving to normally switching vendors like Oracle or open source databases like Postgresql to Microsoft SQL Server.

Performance Reasons

• Switching from Java to C++

• Moving from a large Solaris box to a clustered linux background

Architecture Changes

• Updating your application from C/C++ to Java or .NET

• Switching your application architecture from a desktop application to SOA/Web based application or vice-versa.

• Moving your application from batch legacy/processing to on-line attached architecture

• Shifting to responsive architecture like Web Services or SOA.

Upgrades in Technology

• Modernizing to a latest version of platform, e.g. from Windows XP to Windows Vista, Windows Vista to Windows 7 and Windows 7 to Windows 8.

• Upgrading databases or compiler versions

Business Integration

Incorporating to a other business applications (often seen in Mergers and Acquisition)

If you haven’t realized what really you were seeking, please contact us and we must assist you with your requirements.


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